V a part of V ENGAGE

Welcome to V Engage, the heart of our community involvement at V Architecture. V Engage represents the core layer of what embodies our V Legacy, the values and principles that define V Architecture’s culture and ethos. This legacy is more than just a philosophy; it’s a guiding principle and a way of life that shapes our actions and influences our culture. It’s the transformative force that every team member experiences and enjoys, driving us to make a positive impact within our firm and the communities we serve. Through V Engage, we extend our collective efforts beyond the boundaries of our firm, creating a ripple effect that touches lives and enhances communities.

Why V Architecture?

At V Architecture, our reputation for excellence in architecture and design precedes us, but our commitment to community involvement truly sets us apart. Beyond our prestigious projects like the Puerto Rico Convention Center and the Sabanera Health Center, we’re deeply invested in giving back to the communities we serve. Joining our team means more than advancing your architectural career; it’s about experiencing full-circle professional growth. You’ll work on iconic projects alongside seasoned professionals and contribute to meaningful initiatives that make a positive impact. At V Architecture, you’ll find a collaborative environment where like-minded individuals come together to support and uplift one another, paving the way for your success in the world of architecture.


Every V Engage initiative we undertake, from community outreach projects to mentorship programs, is a testament to the V Legacy in action, demonstrating our commitment to giving back and fostering positive change. It’s about the profound impact we can make when we come together with a shared purpose: to excel in our professional endeavors and uplift and empower those around us. As a member of our team, you’ll contribute to this powerful movement and reap the rewards of personal growth, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose that comes from making a difference.



V Architecture actively participates in various educational endeavors, spanning from mentorship programs for diverse high school students to sponsoring the AIA’s Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program for architects. We aim to foster ongoing learning opportunities within our communities.



V Architecture remains dedicated to enhancing community infrastructure, actively supporting various local initiatives such as the “Nuestro Barrio Distrito Cultural Fest” of Santurce and the AGC-PR Service Project. Additionally, we are involved in projects like the Isidro A. Sánchez School in Luquillo, the Higuillar Baseball Park, and the development work in several towns like Barrio Hipódromo, Figueroa, and Trastalleres.



V Engage extends to various organizations, where the V Legacy leaves a positive impact. From supporting the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to contributing to the Boys & Girls Club, we prioritize initiatives empowering and uplifting youth. Additionally, our commitment to the Puerto Rico College of Architects & Landscape Architects reflects our dedication to advancing the architectural profession and fostering collaboration within the industry. Through these partnerships, we strive to create meaningful change in our communities.



The V Engage commitment to community extends to supporting places of worship, recognizing their significance as spiritual havens within communities. Many members of our team actively contribute to and engage with their respective places of worship, understanding their vital role in fostering spiritual and communal connections. Whether through architectural design or personal involvement, we embrace the opportunity to enhance and support these essential cultural and community elements.

V Family

V Architecture’s legacy and community involvement are bolstered by the tight-knit V-Family, where every member works collaboratively to serve both clients and communities alike. Our collective efforts and shared values ensure that we leave a lasting impact on both the architectural landscape and the communities we proudly serve.

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Our leaders are advocates for community transformation

At V Architecture, community transformation is not just a goal; it’s a fundamental commitment woven into the fabric of our identity. Welcome to V Engage, the heartbeat of our community involvement and the embodiment of our V Legacy. Rooted in the visionary principles laid down by our founders, Ricardo Jiménez and José Rodríguez-Barceló, V Engage represents our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact within our firm and the communities we serve. Under the leadership of President and Principal Architect, Ilia Ríos, we continue to champion this ethos, fostering a new generation of advocates for change and progress.

Through V Engage, we extend our collective efforts beyond our firm’s walls, creating a ripple effect that enriches lives and transforms communities. Join us in our mission to not only design structures but also to build futures and empower communities, because at V Architecture, our leaders are advocates for community transformation.