V Architecture Spotlight: Engaging in Civic & Community Leadership

We are excited to share V Architecture’s recent participation in the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program’s Civic & Community Engagement event. As an advocate for community involvement and leadership development, V Architecture President Ilia Rios was honored to be interviewed as part of a special video segment highlighting the importance of civic engagement in the architectural industry.

At V Architecture, we understand the significance of giving back to the community and actively participating in initiatives that make a positive impact. Through our involvement in events like the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program, we aim to inspire the next generation of architectural leaders and foster a culture of civic responsibility within our industry.

In the video segment, Ilia Rios shares insights into V Architecture’s commitment to civic engagement and highlights the firm’s efforts to support meaningful community initiatives. From sponsoring local events to participating in mentorship programs, V Architecture sees community involvement as a lifestyle that each team member regularly chooses to be a part of for their growth.

We invite you to watch the video featuring Ilia Rios and learn more about V Architecture’s commitment to civic and community engagement.