Insights from the CKLDP Civic Community Event

V Architecture proudly participated in the recent Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program Civic Community Engagement event. Co-hosted by our own Miraida Rodríguez, the event focused on fostering corporate social responsibility and meaningful community engagement. The workshop emphasized five crucial points—culture, self-management, dignity, social justice, and identity—and discussed their implementation in community commitments.

The event featured interactive sessions, including a workshop at the Fundación Cortés Exhibition Room. Attendees explored themes from selected works, relating them to the workshop’s key components. Additionally, participants engaged in hands-on activities, assisting in the preparation of “Eduka Kits” used in Foundation workshops for children and youth across the island.

An interdisciplinary panel enriched the discussions further, featuring professionals sharing insights on community commitment within their organizations. Panelists included Sr. Juan C. De Jesús from the Corporate Real Estate Division, Arq. Vanessa de Mari Monserrate, Planner Lourdes Pérez Medina from the Foundation for Puerto Rico, Dr. Omayra Rivera Crespo from the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico, and Landscape Architect Olga E. Angueira Andraca from the College of Architects & Landscape Architects of Puerto Rico.

Miraida Rodríguez also presented a compelling video featuring interviews with top firms, showcasing their exemplary community involvement. Among these interviews was one with Ilia Rios, V Architecture’s President and Managing Principal, highlighting our firm’s dedication to community engagement and social responsibility.
At V Architecture, we are committed to actively contributing to our communities and fostering meaningful connections. Together, we strive to make a positive impact and empower change in the places we call home.