The V Legacy: Women with Vision

March celebrates the rich history of women, a legacy that has purposefully evolved, granting greater recognition to the vital roles of these distinguished contributors to society. Our island’s history boasts illustrious females such as Julia de Burgos, Felisa Rincón de Gautier, and Nilita Vientós Gastón, each excelling in fields that have significantly shaped Puerto Rican culture and influenced generations.

At V Architecture, our own history is infused with the influence of professional, educated, and purpose-driven women who are effecting change, fostering innovation, and laying the groundwork for our future. We celebrate their contributions and honor their uniqueness as they embody our firm’s visionary ethos. Hear directly from them as they share their perspectives on the future and how our organization’s mantra fuels their professional and personal passions, and how the next generation can aspire to a career in our field.

Ilia Ríos

President & Managing Principal

``Nowadays the leadership positions in the construction industry are not decided by gender, they are occupied by those who have the capabilities to lead and perform at the top of their game. I will venture to say that today those positions are equally divided and maybe there are even more women leading the industry. At V Architecture our professional development is constant, we thrive to excel in the benefit of our clients, and we are enriched by our own team members. I tell young aspiring women the same thing that I would tell a young aspiring male, follow your dreams, work with excellence and passion, life is too short to not savor it and to live it at its fullest. Leave your legacy by mentoring others and loving what you do!``

Jessica N. Díaz

Architect & Senior Sustainable & Project Manager

``At V Architecture, the leadership team has always known how to diligently manage multiple projects simultaneously, with various teams, different types of clients, and handling everyone's expectations with kindness and efficiency. In my opinion, what sets us apart is the communication and relationship we have with our clients, but above all, the willingness to always go the extra mile for them, no matter how small the task or request. I am constantly amazed by the efficient and graceful way in which the leadership team resolves all kinds of situations with any client.``

Marialy Pérez

Senior Project Manager

``There are more women assuming leadership positions in construction, architecture, and engineering firms. This reflects a change in perceptions about the role of women in decision-making within the industry. In my experience, the work environment at V Architecture has provided tools that have allowed my development in each of the facets that an architect performs.``

Rebeca C. Irízarry

Senior Project Manager

``Opportunities in construction are about equal today, but the shift has been in the way society, other industry professionals, and even our colleagues perceive us. This change in perception is due to our actions in the field and its tangible results. Here at V Architecture, no stars shine alone, but we have the complete constellation.``

Nayda Berlingeri

Senior Project Manager

``Our firm stands out because it is present at different industry events, sponsors cause unrelated to the industry and stays focused on developing future colleagues. Architecture is a career of many branches in which we can all excel. Study and get to know all your options.``

Adriana Ostolaza

Project Manager

``At V, we are a highly collaborative team. When you feel that there is a positive atmosphere where individual and collective success is encouraged, you absorb more, it motivates you more, you share more, and as a result, you grow as a professional.``

Joan M. Monge

Project Manager & Permits Coordinator

``My advice for other women who want to pursue a career in design and construction is that they trust their ability to lead and excel in this industry. Surrounding yourself with role models and looking for opportunities to grow and learn is essential. At V, I have seen successful women who show that it is possible to achieve professional success without sacrificing what matters in life.``

Miraida Rodríguez

Project Manager

``V Architecture has a group of energetic, visionary women who recognize teamwork and are thus able to reach their goals. Recognizing employees' virtues, potential, and capabilities has been key to having such good leadership.``

Anaida Rios

Design & Project Manager

``I advise those interested in architecture to work with care and professionalism, both men and women. It is up to you to be respected as a professional and, at the same time, to make yourself known by your own merit.``

Frances David


``The contribution of women is more far-reaching in these times; the ability of women to lead and contribute their talent within the industry has become public knowledge. When I think about the leadership in V Architecture, I reflect on how competent and talented minds are committed to their clients.``

Charleen Crespo

Sustainable Design Manager

``At V Architecture, the environment is one where the lines of communication are always open and professional development is promoted. For future architects, my advice is to be determined and adapt to the profession's challenges. It is all part of achieving your goals and staying relevant.``

V Architecture is truly enriched by the diverse and dynamic group of professionals who contribute not only to the V Legacy and the architectural landscape of our island, but also to the shaping of society itself. Their innovative designs are shaping the future, and the outlook is promising. Their contributions to the well-being of our communities are invaluable. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for all that you do for our firm and for your families. Your contributions are deeply valued and appreciated.