Historic Preservation Month: A Celebration Close to V Architecture’s Heart

Historic Preservation Month honors those whose contributions, big or small, keep the work of historic preservation moving forward. Over the years, our office has engaged in various approaches to the Treatment of Historic Properties: Preservation, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction. Some areas where the office is currently located have been rehabilitated, while others have been reconstructed due to their condition at the time of property acquisition. 

At V Architecture, we have joined forces to protect this Santurce landmark, preserving the layered stories of those who have called this place home. Preserving historic buildings is vital for understanding our nation’s heritage and an environmentally responsible practice. Some of the intangible benefits of historic preservation include:

  •  The retention of history and authenticity that commemorates the past.
  •  Increasing commercial value, opening a window of opportunity for economic benefits to the firm.
  •  Retention of building materials that results in less construction.
  •  Existing usable space produces quicker occupancy and requires smaller rehabilitation, depending on the structure’s conditions.
  • Energy savings.


Some of these benefits have been implemented over the years at V Architecture facilities. The structure, ornaments, and elements such as the “comatesco,” known as the facade mosaic, ornamental blocks on the balconies, relocation of the original entrance gate, and reinterpretation of building elements, among others, are part of the authenticity of the building that also contributes to the immediate context of Santurce, Puerto Rico.

As we wrap up Preservation Month and align with this year’s theme of Historic Building Preservation Places Organization #PeopleSavingPlaces, we are thrilled to showcase the rehabilitation of our structure as part of our upcoming facility expansion. This is another testament to the benefits of rehabilitating existing structures, including reduced energy consumption, avoidance of demolition, and reuse of embodied energy in building materials. We eagerly anticipate the unveiling of these newly renovated facilities in the third quarter of 2024. We are proud to shine in the spotlight by saving and preserving our 1925 V Home. Stay tuned for more as we approach the 100th Building Anniversary!