La Barrita Del Lado

Commercial, Interiors

From the very initial stages of the Distrito project, the team was certain, an eye-catching exterior bar was essential to welcoming guest to the experience. This gave life to La Barrita del Lado, which opened its “workshop” as a prelude to the captivating, time stopping experience Distrito offers. Accordingly, the cocktail bar was given a nostalgic essence, perceived initially with a vintage clock, who’s hands tick indefinitely on the same second. The uniquely designed clock, exhibited over an antique mirror as the focal point of the bar, immediately draws spectators, while simultaneously creating a hazy reflection of passing visitor silhouettes. Over the bar, a rustic wood beam trellis with vintage pendant lighting gives it a cozy workshop atmosphere, while metal clock gears and industrial knick-knacks reused as personal item holders, provide additional details to enhance the overall concept. Similarly, hand crafted leather details on the wooden door and rusted working tools on display, are allusive of craftsmanship details of the past. La Barrita del Lado sign, which showcases a vintage saloon font, was designed to be illuminated by exposed copper rods running along a hand-hammered metal wall, ultimately illuminating the red infinite mirror artwork, symbolic of the heart and dedication given by the Distrito team to make this project come alive.