Sazón Cocina Criolla at Distrito T-Mobile

Commercial, Interiors

Sazón Cocina Criolla is one more stand-out addition from V Architecture to the distinguished El Distrito project. Highlighting the venue’s creative culinary fusion, the 2,800 total sqft venue came at a cost of $1.7 million dollars, and features an 830 sqft terrace under a pergola from which tropical plants are suspended. Its dining tables, built of salvaged wood from Hurricane Maria’s aftermath, wrap around a lily pad, all reminiscent of the island’s beautiful landscape. The 1,970 sqft interior space carries reminders of Puerto Rico’s rich culture, including a beautifully detailed bar, with a 15-foot mechanical fish sculpture by local artist Mark Rivera. Other noteworthy elements include the wine room, and the display of tropical colors in the entire dining area, reminiscent of Puerto Rico’s gorgeous flora. To finish the space off, details on warm brass metal, concrete floors and exposed light fixtures are present for a unique look and feel. Meanwhile, artwork from Jorge Zeno depicts the colloquial phrase used by Puerto Ricans, “Todo Bien”, or “All Good”, infusing optimism and adding visual interest. The art piece’s background with Old San Juan adoquines are iconic of our European heritage. Elsewhere, a wooden Pilón de madera is a cultural remnant of Taino culture. It was the design’s aim to portray with an elegant and contemporary language much of the richness and flavor of our diverse Puerto Rican culture, very much as is the case with our Sazón, the base of our local cuisine. Having accomplished that, we left the rest to this restaurant’s magnificent chefs…”Buen provecho!”