V Architecture Celebrates the Grand Opening of Nacionsushi in Puerto Rico

V Architecture is excited to announce its collaboration with the renowned Panamanian franchise, Nacionsushi, in designing their inaugural restaurant in Puerto Rico. The grand opening of Nacionsushi at Liberty Square in San Patricio signifies a significant milestone in expanding this distinctive culinary experience.

Departing from the conventional Asian restaurant archetype, Nacionsushi brings a fresh and dynamic approach to both cuisine and interior design. Situated at the core of the entertainment hub in Liberty Square, Guaynabo, the restaurant, spanning 4,100 square feet, is now welcoming the public.



Nacionsushi’s culinary innovation transcends traditional Asian fare by infusing flavors inspired by diverse regions such as Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and China. Consistent with this pioneering culinary approach, the restaurant offers an immersive dining environment across six distinct spaces. Each space is meticulously curated to effortlessly transport patrons to various corners of Southeast Asia. The incorporation of specific sounds and colors authentically captures the essence of each region, providing a multisensory experience.

Nacionsushi seamlessly complements the Liberty Square entertainment center by fusing Southeast Asian flavors with Latin influences, creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. Manny Reyes, partner and general manager of Nacionsushi Puerto Rico, emphasizes that “This Nacion is not an ordinary restaurant. It offers a complete enjoyment with a culinary experience, pleasing aesthetics, enjoyable music, and a variety of dishes that take you on a gastronomic voyage through Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and China, all within an immersive space.”

Established in 2013 in Panama, Nacionsushi has rapidly expanded globally, boasting 48 restaurants across 12 cities in countries including Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Colombia, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, and now Puerto Rico.

V Architecture takes pride in contributing its design expertise to Nacionsushi, creating an environment that elevates the overall dining experience and mirrors the brand’s dedication to providing a distinctive and memorable journey for its patrons.

See the project here.