Sazón Cocina Criolla – Bayamón

Commercial, Restaurant Design

Nestled in the heart of Bayamón, the restaurant “Sazón Cocina Criolla” stands as a testament to our design expertise, echoing the resounding success of our inaugural venture within the T Mobile District. Yet, this achievement did not come without its unique challenges. Unlike our first endeavor, where we had a blank canvas, our task this time was to reimagine a space once occupied by an Applebee’s establishment. Our vision for the redesign was clear: seamlessly integrate the iconic branding elements of Sazón, meticulously crafted by our team, to erase any vestige of its previous identity. From the vibrant hues of tropical fabrics to the serene allure of sky-blue bricks, every detail was curated to evoke a sense of belonging and authenticity. Warm metals, exposed lighting fixtures, and concrete floors converge harmoniously, offering patrons a sensory journey like no other. But it is perhaps the subtle touches that truly distinguish this establishment. Adorned throughout are captivating images, each a tribute to the storied landmarks of Puerto Rico. The wine cellar, an indispensable facet of the Sazón experience, posed a unique challenge in this space. Undeterred, we ingeniously fashioned a compact yet visually striking enclave, ensuring that no aspect of the brand’s essence was compromised. As a crowning achievement, a majestic mural adorns the rear of the restaurant, welcoming guests with a captivating tableau of Puerto Rico’s distinctive flora. It is a nod to the island’s rich heritage and a testament to our commitment to excellence.