Renacer Centro Urbano Bayamón

Planning + Urban Design

V Architecture’s master plan renovation for the Renacer Centro Urbano development creates a confident backdrop to the regeneration of the center of Bayamón. In addition to expanding upon development opportunities such as the new Farmer’s Market, city streets, and park revitalization, this renovation represents a pivotal point in the history of Bayamón, instantly becoming a catalyst for future development within the city.


The masterplan for Renacer Centro Urbano focuses on the pedestrian’s experience and the connectivity between the existing structures and the new development, as well as potential future development. With its centralized location, Renacer Centro Urbano is within a 5-minute walk of Central Park, Plaza de Recreo, Canton Mall and City Hall. Likewise, vehicular access to the site is intuitive and provides access for both residents and those visitors coming to downtown Bayamon to shop, dine, or enjoy the municipality’s amenities.