Mesón Sandwiches


V Architecture is proud to partner with Mesón de Felipe, owners of Mesón Sandwiches, to design many of their stores throughout Puerto Rico and Florida. The design of each store closely follows the space needs and constraints. The prototype design for the Meson Sandwiches stores addresses the scale and proportions of each facade (including windows and door), as well as the integration and location of outdoor advertising spaces, menu placement, planning for traffic and carefully placing drive-thru windows, and much more. Each restaurant interior is planned to place focus on a welcoming entrance, lead coherently to the counter service area, and pay special attention to the kitchen area – adding efficiency and functionality with existing and proposed equipment, including the coffee preparation area. The restrooms, dining rooms, and parking areas are designed with comfort and accessibility in mind (in compliance with ADA standards).


For each venture, we have provided a variety of services, from architecture, to permit management, to site assessment, to interiors, to branding for the restaurants in various markets. In any case, V Architecture works strategically to infuse the client’s voice and aesthetics throughout all aspects of the space. Meanwhile, through our efficient, programmatic solutions. V Architecture also addresses sustainability in unexpected areas, including the use of cutting-edge fixtures in the kitchen area, as well as efficiency systems (cisterns for drinking water and for gray-water collection, grease traps designed for cleaner spaces, energy-efficient equipment, recycling measures to reduce waste, and more.) Our firm was also proud to collaborate with Mesón Sandwiches for their expansion to Florida in the summer of 2015. Mesón Sandwiches has received national and international accolades for its innovative menu. The recognitions include a designation in Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2015 as one of the world’s top fast-casual chains.