Mesón Sandwiches Interiors

Commercial, Interiors

V Architecture is proud to partner with El Mesón de Felipe, owners of Mesón Sandwiches, to design many of their stores throughout the Island and Florida. In some cases, V Architecture only intervenes in the interior design, but in some cases we will participate in the grand design of the project, infusing our clients’ aesthetics in all aspects of the space. Aside from the ample dining room, the design of the main floor features a welcoming area to greet and serve customers, restrooms for customers and employees, and a management office.


The food prep area and refrigerated rooms for food storage are placed strategically in every location, while the team has carefully considered elements such as the stored dry food, a transformer, and the telecommunication and electric panels. At V Architecture we are excited to couple efficient programmatic solutions with quality spatial design. The design will not only complies with the functional demands of the program but also results in a pleasant environment to give the customers a great experience.