Progress Update: Campus Popular Construction is Making Headways

V Architecture’s Campus Popular, a BPPR project, marked a significant milestone in the construction phase, achieving a groundbreaking feat in Puerto Rico’s built industry. On January 24, 2024, the last remaining pile for the piloting installation was successfully placed, totaling an impressive 1,475 piles driven into the ground.


With the completion of this foundational layer, the construction progress transitioned vertically. On February 2, a remarkable massive pour occurred, laying 1,560 yards of concrete in a single day. This unprecedented accomplishment involved coordinating 156 trucks from 5 different concrete plants—a rarity for large-scale construction work on the island.

The seamless collaboration between the design and construction teams demonstrates the effective synergy of various disciplines, ensuring the project’s smooth progression without compromising quality. V Architecture takes pride in contributing to this historic build, which promises to create an innovative and distinctive structure within the business district. Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable project.