COSSMA Reconstruction: Fostering Healthcare Resilience with V Architecture

As a testament to its resilience and commitment to the community, the Corporation for Health Services and Advanced Medicine (COSSMA) has successfully rebuilt its facilities after the devastation brought by Hurricane María in 2017. Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro R. Pierluisi was on hand for the ribbon cutting of this magnificent facility. COSSMA’s reconstruction showcases a collective commitment to healthcare and well-being, further amplified by its collaboration with V Architecture.

Founded in 1987 to provide medical aid to migrant workers and their families in the Caguas region, COSSMA’s role expanded to embrace a broader community. Their services now extend to Cayey, Aibonito, Aguas Buenas, Cidras, Caguas, Gurabo, San Lorenzo, Juncos, Las Piedras, Maunabo, Naguabo, Humacao, and Yabucoa municipalities. This broad scope of service makes COSSMA a vital institution, shaping health outcomes for thousands. Following Hurricane María’s devastation in 2017, COSSMA faced the challenge of rebuilding its San Lorenzo facilities. Guided by their commitment to their mission, they enlisted the expertise of V Architecture, a firm renowned for its dedication to community-focused designs.

“The COSSMA team is part of the first responders who cared for Hurricane María survivors in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. This completed project demonstrates how we can rebuild facilities to strengthen them for other disasters so that medical personnel do not face similar challenges in the future when serving communities,” said Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator José Baquero.



The new facility, a testament to our architectural finesse, spans two stories, encompassing 18,375 gross square feet. A clean, contemporary layout was meticulously designed to foster a seamless experience for patients and medical professionals. “V Architecture’s role in the COSSMA project exemplifies our commitment to shaping spaces that serve and uplift communities,” shares Managing Principal, Ilia Ríos. The first floor features essential spaces such as the main lobby, Customer Service, Administrative offices, Pharmacy, Triage, and Referral services. Staff well-being is also a priority, reflected in dedicated spaces for rest and meals. The second story is a realm of specialized medical services, including General Medicine, Bio Social, Laboratory, Dental, Vaccination, Pediatric, and Gynecology offices. It also hosts a spacious conference room catering to training and administrative meetings. FEMA’s support was pivotal in this journey, contributing approximately $6 million for the demolition and reconstruction of the facility. The rebuilt structure adheres to building codes and incorporates resilience measures against future disasters.

This collaboration results in a facility that mirrors COSSMA’s enduring spirit and purpose. It offers more than healthcare; it symbolizes hope, resilience, and community unity. This project’s significance extends beyond its architectural excellence—it underscores the power of collective action and purpose-driven design. The COSSMA project is a true reflection of V Architecture’s ethos, exemplifying how architecture can tangibly contribute to the well-being and vitality of communities. See more about this project here.