Nueva Escuela Superior Vocacional De Corozal

Design-Build, Education

As part of the government initiative Schools of the 21st Century, with the goal to modernize or build new, highly efficient schools across the island, V Architecture teamed with local contractor SMPC, LLC (a joint venture of Desarrollos Metropolitanos and Nogama Construction) to design this one-of-a-kind vocational high school that focuses on agricultural technology (set in a previously undeveloped site in Corozal, PR).


The excellent architectural design of the institution and our careful site adaptation led to a Gold Certification level on the LEED for Schools 2009 rating system.


Some great eco-friendly design elements included the use of materials and resources with high recycled content, and various strategies for water and energy efficiency. Our approach throughout the project enabled energy and environmental conservation in a sustainable site.


The use of natural daylight and the quality of views for indoor environmental quality allowed us to create a comfortable environment for the occupants without the need for air conditioning.


The new vocational school benefited from an innovative program where students used the roof at the second level to foster plant life, and an outdoor laboratory for agricultural experimentation. Students had the opportunity to grow their own plot of land and use the space to carry out the lessons learned in class.