Mesón Sandwiches Branding

Commercial, Environmental Graphics

Since we started working with Mesón Sandwiches in 2010, we realized the importance of paying attention to the details, from interior design to marketing material and packaging.


We started with the design of the coffee bag and we continued with the Coffee Cup, Mesón Bag, Beverage Cups, French Fry and Soup Cups, Food Wrappers and the award-winning Mesotrón Box. The packaging design incorporates architectural details like the floor tile pattern and building façade into the different packaging components while integrating the packaging to the overall design client experience.


The Mesotrón Box designed by V Architecture in 2015 won the QSR/FPI Packaging Awards in the “Wow” Factor Category. This competition honors outstanding single-use foodservice packaging. The “Wow” Factor award is for packaging that makes a consumer or foodservice operator think “wow” when using or seeing this item.