Dorado Vision 2025

Planning + Urban Design

Commissioned by the Hon. Carlos López Rivera, Mayor of Dorado, V Architecture developed a Vision Plan for Dorado’s future development.


Upon carefully reviewing and researching the current development framework, our firm defined critical building locations, open spaces, roadway systems, and public transit routes which acted as the basis for the Vision initiatives.


These initiatives recognize and define redevelopment approaches that will guide the Vision development effort including:


  • Standardize an aesthetic approach to the existing and future Urban Environment
  • Develop a uniform graphics, hardscape, and landscape vocabulary
  • Revitalize the traditional Urban Center
  • Stimulate the private sector investment in these efforts, so that the Municipality can optimize its resources
  • Attain a “Plan for territorial regulation” rooted in a tangible Vision


As part of the larger Dorado 2025 Master Plan, the design goal with the Dorado Rotonda is to reinforce connections to the proposed greenway network.


The first phase addresses the main gateway that will create a sense of unique Dorado identity at each of the access points to the municipality.