Belén Blanco Zequeira Middle School

Design-Build, Education

The Belén Blanco de Zequeira Middle School project in Loíza required tear down, renovation and new construction. Eight structures were demolished, one was renovated and new facilities were designed and built using a Design/Build contract.


The school facilities have approximately 60,000 sq ft distributed along nine main buildings. This includes 48,460 net sq ft of new construction, 7,000 sq ft of the existing historical building, and 4,505 sq ft of the existing Basketball Court.


To comply with LEED standards, we implemented  energy efficient lighting systems (that as a minimum, comply with the maximum allowable lighting power density requirement as stated in ASHRAE 90.1), installed Energy Star rated ceiling fans, used standardized construction methods and bought in large volume to optimize the use of materials and stretch our budget. Reuse of materials included the recycling of demolished concrete throughout the site.