Atlantis Renal Centres

Healthcare Architecture

Atlantis Health Care Group Puerto Rico, Inc. is a healthcare organization that specializes in the treatment and support of renal conditions.  Established in 2000, it operates a network of dialysis clinics throughout Puerto Rico to offer various services, including hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and transplant services, as well as provide education and support for chronic kidney disease including classes and other services to help patients meet their medical, dietary, financial and social needs.


Beginning in 2012, Atlantis has commissioned V Architecture to assist them in establishing several new facilities within existing commercial spaces and to renovate existing facilities to meet their current and projected needs. The typical Atlantis ‘Renal Centre’ operates with an average of 20 hemodialysis stations, depending on the region it serves. Each clinic also contains other specialized dialysis stations such as the peritoneal and isolation facilities as well as a myriad of supporting areas that include medical/examining rooms and facilities for nutritionists and social workers.


The highly controlled environment required for these outpatient clinics is carefully considered from the early design stages to the post-construction phase, to ensure its proper function and the fulfillment of the approvals needed for operation.


V Architecture pays special attention to the delicate balance that a renal care clinic must achieve to be successful. From the basics of color schemes that promote the well-being of the occupants, to the careful placement of adjacent functions, to the proper ventilation, humidity levels, and redundant power supply; these are but a few of the special design concerns that were tended to for each Atlantis clinic.


Attesting to the excellence of services that V Architecture has provided Atlantis Health Care Group, we have worked together in renovating and launching renal clinics in Caguas, Carolina, Dorado, Guayama, Guaynabo, Ponce, San Germán, and San Sebastian.