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As an alumni, and firm believer in the school’s mission, one of the firm principals have been the school consultant and designer of the most important architectural projects in the school during the past 12 years.  Some of these projects are the design of the new faculty room, the conversion of a classroom into the school chapel, the design of new administrative offices and classrooms at the end of the east classroom wing near the convent, the creation of a green area within the main school courtyard, the design of the Library renovation, the remodeling of the major bathroom facilities and the design of the new counseling offices to be relocated at the “Casita”, a recently residential acquired property at the northeast corner of the school where the arts & dancing courses are offered.  


As part of the services rendered, V Architecture has performed as-built drawings as well as design and contract documents together with furniture, fixture and equipment selection and custom design, procurement and construction administration.  V Architecture, through its alumni principal has become the school architect for all size projects helping maintain the high standard of the school’s facilities and infrastructure.   Academia María Reina, a renowned private girl’s school, is transforming itself through a series of renovations in phases to avoid interrupting the learning experience for the students.


The redesign of the school’s library creates a delightful and uplifting space with exceptional daylighting, natural ventilation, and a colorful calming environment in which the students can study and relax. Situated on two floors, the first floor features a front desk surrounded by a series of round tables with seating for individual and group study. A winding staircase brings students upstairs to the mezzanine featuring a sofa promoting a more relaxed and unified group-learning space for the students.